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Head Start Program

Our Philosophy

For children to grow, develop, and to feel good about themselves, they need affection, acceptance, and approval. There must be opportunities in their lives for positive center experiences, creative self-expressions, and interactions with their community. Young children’s self-esteem and social competence grows through hands-on experiences, developmentally appropriate activities, and achievable expectations. Children need a safe, healthy, and supportive environment that respects their culture, meets their individual needs, and assists them in developing their strengths.

Parents are their child’s first teachers.   Therefore, they should take the lead in the education of their children. To achieve this important step, parents should be given training to enhance their knowledge of parenting, assistance in becoming self-sufficient, and opportunities to take pride in their community.  Parents should participate in the planning, implementing, and monitoring of the Head Start Program to ensure an effective program for their children. Parents should participate in an ongoing training program to attain professionalism in Early Childhood Education. The management of the program should function effectively to provide support, encouragement, and feedback to the staff they supervise.

All aspects of the community should become partners with Head Start to maintain quality services that are cost-effective and meet the needs of the families.

Our Mission

The mission of CCAA Head Start is to provide culturally sensitive, comprehensive services that will prepare low-income preschool children with readiness skills necessary to succeed in school and to assist their families in becoming self-sufficient citizens.

Our Vision

It is the vision of CCAA Head Start Program to enable administrators and staff to accomplish our mission of serving children and their families:  We feel this approach will provide positive results, including, but not limited to:  trust, self-esteem, leadership, family cohesion, and community pride.

We vision our families focusing on their strengths, becoming more knowledgeable about community resources and early literacy; thereby, increasing their ability to work with their children to become life-long learners.


Our Centers

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